Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not much to say.  This is a damn good movie. Really, it’s exciting as hell and the cast is really decent to watch.  It’s supposed to be based on true events that happened in Pennsylvania.  But it doesn’t matter.  The whole thing is really scary and plausible given the fact that one idiot caused at situation that could have killed thousands.

Frankly, that is what terrifies me the most here. Looking back at this movie this all started because some lummox was too lazy to turn off the engine to change the track.  Instead he left the train running jumped out to change the track and the train speed up and he couldn’t catch up.  Damn!  But really folks this movie is good.  Check it out if you want to see some good action and thrills from a really unexpected source.

As a side note I know this is bizarre but it was very odd for me to start hating a train like a villain.  Ok, I know that sounds psycho. But when I would seen the red engine with 777 on it cruising at warp speed and the sinister music would play I felt that thing was evil.  But here’s the thing….it’s not evil…it’s a train engine why am I even thinking that?  I don’t know if they meant to give folks that sort of personifying dread when they see this thing but dammit I got it. 

Oh and the preview for “Sucker Punch” might be the most badass thing I’ve seen since the “Tron: Legacy” one came out.  I am looking forward to that one.

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