Monday, June 29, 2020

Thoughts on Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw is a schlocky action movie that isn’t that great. The story is paper-thin and the dialogue is lazy. The stunts are cool when they are real. The fighting action, montages, and terrible music moments make it hard to watch. The villian is essentially a cyborg out to get a virus and the protagonists are the baddest dudes around ti save the day. It is a movie made for kids who want to see a “grown up action movie.” The action goes on for so long, so often, that it becomes boring. Which is strange since the settings switch so often it is hard to remember what the central plot was. Even with a tacked on message about family, it rang as surface level and devoid of actual substance. See it if you saw the others in the franchise or you want to watch something thet requires little to no thinking.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Thoughts on John Wick 3

John Wick 3 is a solid action movie. The series is getting a little over-the-top and schlocky, but in terms of fun action and fight scenes it does it’s job well. The story is a bit confusing at times and the motivations are often muddled. This is a fine movie to catch on cable and is worth checking out if you enjoyed the previous movies.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Thoughts on Space Cop

Space Cop is a fun movie from the Red Letter Media folks. The acting and the story are schlocky and silly. Still, the cast and tone are irreverent, so it works. The film is funny but i’d really recommend it to fans of Red Letter Media. Other viewers might find it confusing.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Thoughts on Knives Out

Knives Out is a clever whodunit. The script is witty and charming. The bevy of talent in this movie showed up on-screen. At times the movie feels like it’s from a bygone era. The dark humor was an added bonus which was executed very well. It’s a fun movie that is worth checking out.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Thoughts on Joker

Joker is a really interesting movie. The acting is superb and the story is compelling. It paints a sad an bizarre back story to one of the greatest comic villains of all time. On one hand, I like the mystery of his origin. On the other hand, this movie is solid in its narrative and often has a very serious tone. It certainly is worth seeing, especially in this political  climate and when comic movies are becoming played-out.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Thoughts on Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a dark comedy/horror movie that is a lot of fun. The acting is fine as is the story and premise. Some of the humor fell a bit flat to me. The characters are at least interesting and have some depth. There are some interesting twists but it all pays off for some fun schlock. Check it out if you want an entertaining distraction.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Thoughts on The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man (2020) is a fantastic take on the Universal Horror film. Actually making a scary remake. The concept and the story are captivating. Elizabeth Moss is absolutely fantastic in her performance. The film is very tense and many of the shots are very eerie. The beginning scene is a masterfully crafted example of visual storytelling. If I had one minor criticism, it is that there was some clunky expository dialogue that was a bit silly. I recommend it for any horror fan tired of stale reboots, remakes, and sequels.