Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Thoughts on Harry Potter

Is this the face of a hero?  The Sherminator had more dignity.
Well I finally took some time to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1”.  It’s pretty good but I wanted to share a few thoughts this movie made me think of more and more as I walked out of the multiplex.  For the first part it’s been ages since I have read the books so I forgotten how much the horcruxes act like Sauron’s ring of power making  the character’s turning them against one another and whatnot. It’s amusing how similar it is really since they could not destroy unless by special magical means.  I almost expected them to have to hike up a volcano to toss it in the fires from whence it was forged.

 Secondly I want to note, and I know how much I am going to get crap for this.  I do not see Ron and Hermione as an item.  I never have.  I never will.  I still to this day do not get why Harry and Her didn’t get together.  She is super smart and he is this awesome boy hero.  She has never once gotten so mad that she would leave him when he needed her.  Ron can’t even say that. 
Look how happy she is to be paired with this winner.

There are some scenes in Deathly Hollows where you would swear they show chemistry, between Harry and Hermione and as someone that wanted the two of them to get together I would have welcomed the departure from the text.  Honestly the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny coupling was some of the most forced bit of relationships tossed on paper.  There is no reason for Hermione to like Ron. 

When I see Hermione I see a capable, smart, girl that really helped Harry all along. Ron was just sort of there for the ride.  As a character he is jealous of Harry’s fame he is constantly getting mad and running away.  But basically he’s the sidekick.  I know there are some super fans out there who will say, “But he is good at sports like Quidditch.”  Well did you know how in the long run Quidditch affected the story?  Just about as much as your high school football team affected your real life now.
It's called chemistry.
I just don’t see it at all.  She can do better and frankly so can Harry.  Both are settling for the Weasley clan.  That really is a shame.  I honestly don’t see what all these other fans see when they said they right for one another. Then again I don’t get why these stupid kids do stupefy spells to people who would kill them in an instant if they could.  Time to pony up to the big kids table and start throwing kills spells of your own back at them I say.

I will not miss most of this cast of kids for the most part.  I have seen them pupate from kids to gangly horrifying teen actors.  The only exceptions to these in terms of the good actors are the ones that played Harry, Hermione and Luna Lovegood.  The adults of course are in top form.  And it’s still a tragedy that the owl dies.  More so than Jar Jar, excuse me, Dobby the House elf.  It’s a good enough movie but let’s wrap this series up.   

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