Sunday, November 14, 2010

Skyline- review

            Oh my god. This movie is so bad it HURTS.  It’s slow going in. Then there is dialogue that is painful to listen to. The acting is wooden enough to be mistaken for a marionette.  The only person who gives it a shot is David Zayas, better know as Detective Batista on “Dexter”.  He brings a decent performance considering his material.

            The CGI isn’t too bad on the Aliens which descend on the city like something out of a Wells story. But the buildup is slow and oh the ending is so wretched. I feel bad making this just a review. Some of the reactions these people have in a crisis are just criminal.  I know they aren’t trained in survival but most folks know that saving water in case it gets shut off is a good idea. 
            Oh and the time to bring up marital difficulties is NOT during the crisis at hand.  As a side note: I know that aliens have been stealing thousands of people for reasons unknown at this point but when you witness a nuke explode so close you feel the shock wave you’re reaction should not be one of jubilation. It should be fear that your ass is about to be irradiated. 

            Ok now I’m going to mention the ending a tad so if you hate spoilers stop reading.  The aliens are taking our brains to make new soldiers to fight with.  But Jerrod’s brain is somehow immune to the mind control and when they put the human brain in an alien body he fights them and that is how it ends. That is gripping stuff. 

            You know I’ve heard of some stupid shit done by alien invaders. Top being attacking a planet that is 70% water when it can kill you (“Signs”), not being immunized against earth disease (“War of the Worlds”), or not having good computer virus protection (“ID4”), but you know that you really are setting yourself up for failure when you are taking the brains of your enemies and implanting them into stronger bodies.  Yeah, I can’t see where that could POSSIBLY go wrong. 
            Bottom line, this movie sucks.  Don’t see it.  Don’t rent it. Don’t even look at it or you’ll likely be whisked away to an alien ship where you’re brain will be sucked out by advanced versions of the bugs from “Starship Troopers.”

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