Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frost Bite-review

Get ready to be terrorized by this beast Alaska.
Starting with the fact that it’s a movie about a Sasquatch made in Alaska with Alaskan actors and with a tiny budget of low-end equipment $76 and a bag of stale Cheetos according to the “Tundra” website. Normally, you wouldn’t expect a lot. Hell, the syfy channel does movies about Sasquatch regularly and they suck royally.  But if you take a moment and actually watch this movie I think you will appreciate it for what it is.  It’s a damn, funny and well put together movie.

            In most cheaply made movies, the things that stand out the most are the acting, the pacing, and the editing.  The acting at least seems to match the scripts needs and calls for nothing less than what you get.  Good humor with decent timing.  No more, no less.   The pacing is actually great.  Most movies would bog you down in exposition and pointless scene after scene of filler.  This one doesn’t waste your time.  It gives you the story and it gives it well.  Thanks.

All images for the movie "Frost Bite" stolen off the Tundra website.
            The editing is where it stands out. There are tons of scenes in lovely bits of wilderness and we get beautiful shots of some flora and fauna.  But what really makes this work are the smooth transitions and the fact that it really comes off as professional.  The humor is dark.  But the subject matter is too.  If that is what you find funny as well you will enjoy it.  There are a few off the wall moments that I appreciated greatly as well such as Darin Carpenter appearing as a great white hunter character for a few minutes of comedic gold. 

            It’s the sort of project I enjoy watching and showing to others.  I hope so much they get a chance to make another movie soon.  Film making, is an expensive and time consuming endeavor but when the results produce such cool results I think that it is so worth it and hope that they get support in the future.  If you want to see a copy of it visit: to watch it chapter by chapter. It is very worth it.

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