Friday, November 19, 2010


So I found out that the TV show “Heroes” was cancelled.  That really is disappointing.  I wanted to see the loose ends tied up.  I even heard they were going to make a TV movie or something to tie up those ends.  But alas, that was cancelled too.  Crap on a crap cracker!  No closure for me I guess.

​“Heroes” began in 2006. It was about people worldwide discovering they had superhuman abilities and what they were going to do with it.  Slowly they start to come together to save the world as they become aware of each other.  It was a sweet concept.  A solar eclipse seems to be the trigger that makes these powers start happening too.  That always confused me.  Since solar eclipses aren’t so irregular.  This would have likely happened a lot earlier in their lives.

​So one dude can fly, a cheerleader has wolverine style healing, an awesome nerd in Japan finds out he is the master of time and space, so he can teleport, speed and stop time, and even travel to the past or future.  Honestly, if the show was all about Hiro Nakamura I’d have been fine with it.  A cop who finds out he is psychic, and a woman who has a multiple personality, but the other personality has super strength.  That actually was a weak one.  I thought that didn’t sound like a power as much as it did something you’d want to find treatment for.

​There were others, LOTS of others actually. Then there was the agency after them to kill or capture the freaks.  And of course there was Syler.  Syler was the villain of the series, played by Zachary Quinto, who would later go to play Spock in the new Star Trek movie.   He has ability where when he cut into your brain he could find out how your power works and then gain that ability for himself.  He was so hell-bent on getting all the powers that he could that he hunts down super humans to kill for their abilities.

​So there was some interesting drama.  But there were some problems too.  The cast was gigantic.  It got to a point that there were too many people as some points.  They also led themselves into writing character arcs that went nowhere and so they would often either abandon the arc or the character altogether.  That is just shitty writing.   Usually though people came back for the characters they liked so much.

​By season 4 the show was on an even keel.  The story was good and kept linear and there was a new threat.  The Heroes of the show had faced villains before besides Syler but this one was a real scumbag.  The only problem of course, was that in the course of the story they redeemed Syler.  They let him become a hero inevitably.  I don’t know if they should.  This man is a monster of epic proportions.  It ended with Hayden Panettiere revealing her healing abilities in front of reporters.

​So that is what we got.  Fans of the show got messed up writing that you’d expect from a soap opera or comic book. But we loved the characters.  We loved the fact that it was taking average people and giving them extraordinary powers.  It’s a dream that many people have.  It’s a shame that the show had so many ups and downs.  It’s too bad.  I’d have really liked to see a spinoff about Hiro.  He was one of the few guys I’ve seen on the show that fully accepts his role as a hero and loves having powers.  He doesn’t lament getting them.  He never thinks he is strange because of it.  He accepts it.  I admired his character so much for that.

​If you like the superhero genre give it a watch.  It’s a fun show that really shouldn’t be forgotten so quickly.  Granted it’s not epic TV like a “Dexter” but I think you’ll at least appreciate the fun they are having and enjoy the ride too.  There is a character for everyone here.  It’s a show that I’ll miss now that it’s over.

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