Tuesday, January 25, 2011


            Oh man.  When Kira suggested this I was skeptical.  Mostly because I thought it was “Next” which looked awful.  But for a disaster movie this one is okay.  The star is Nicolas Cage and he is in top form.  He plays an alcoholic professor of astrophysics who recently lost his wife. 

The next big disaster is "The Green Hornet"!
            There are elements of “The Number 23” but where that movie was b-grade bullshit this one at least leaves you in a state of suspension of disbelief.  Turns out this wee girl from 1959 predicted events all the way leading up to 2009 and beyond that are catastrophic in nature.  So there are some pretty cool disaster effects.  After being in “Con Air” I guess Nicolas Cage considers himself the last son of Krypton since he leaps into danger in the hopes of outwitting disaster.

            Of course he can’t and I guess what the overall theme of the movie is “shit happens”.   That is sort of a good theme.  Honestly I liked the movie and now if you don’t like spoilers I’d suggest you avoid reading the rest of the review since I am going to bring up a slight debate on the ending. 

            Matthäus Merian's engraving of Ezekiel's "chariot vision" is a dominant theme when it comes to the Strangers.  Kira told me at first they were angels but I think they are aliens.  Yes I know they had otherworldly forms and wing like wisps that might suggest an angelic creature but for fuck’s sake they fly mechanical ships through space.  Would an angel be troubled by space travel or the vacuum of space? 
A race of Dr. Manhattan's

            My guess is that they took the kids to start a strange wildlife reserve for humanity to maybe observe and record.  Clearly other’s much have had psychic ability to hear their call hence the other ships around the planet landing.  Also if it WERE heaven since the kids parents are dead and all they know is gone wouldn’t Heaven include the existence of the family? 

            Clearly I read too much into this.  It’s a worth seeing movie.  While not being too in your face ridiculous it’s at least an entertaining distraction with an unexpected ending.  Give it a watch sometime if you can handle a bit of Nic Cage fun.  I just hope he gets around to playing Fu Manchu finally.  
This is my Mecca!

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