Friday, January 14, 2011

DC Universe Online-review

            What’s to say? It’s a fun enough game.  The character creation is pretty cool.  I have some issues with it still.  It was a huge download for a console game.  It still pisses me off that it has a monthly fee.  It also sort of chaps my ass that there are so few trophies to offer.   I mean good lord, I singlehandedly kicked the shit out of the Teen Titans and I got nothing out of it. 
            I am still getting used to wielding an MMO on a console.  So far it’s a fun experience.  I like the game a lot and really it’s neat to be in a world like the DC Universe.  I like going from the Hall of Doom to Metropolis and Gotham on a variety of fun missions.  It’s very intricate and I like that when you are knocked out it’s not a big challenge to get back into the fight.  No running to your body as a ghost and bullshit like that.
            If I could fix this I’d remove the fees.  That is why I quit World of Warcraft.   I also think if they were making it console based they should have made with the info already added rather than forcing you to download hours of crap onto your ps3.  That is just wasting time and memory space for me.  So I had to erase a bunch of shit sadly to get this game up and running.  Sure I can re-download it but what a pain in the ass.
            All in all I recommend it if you are ready to move away from WoW.  Plus if you want to give a MMO a try it’s a decent game.  I am not sure how long the novelty of it will last honestly but I am enjoying it for now and that works at the moment.  I have yet to experience it for all it has to offer, especially when it comes to the pvp aspects.  So if you are in the mood I am in the Crisis server.  Look for the villain coupdegrace. 

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