Sunday, January 2, 2011

Death of a Ghost Hunter-review

I sure hope that isn't a talent meter she is reading.
            I am a fan of “Ghost Adventures” mostly because it’s absolutely ridiculous and it’s posing as real science when it’s really three goof balls running around in the dark scaring each other.  This movie is pretty poorly made.  That is its biggest downfall.  The actors wouldn’t be able to find work as extras in Godzilla movies. 
The music is even noticeably awful.  It’s a plain riff that sounds like a cat is walking on a piano.  All in all it’s a boring and predictable movie that holds its trump card until the very end and even then it’s not a very satisfying end. 

The acting is painful at times.  The exposition is given in such a rush you’d think the actress had a pistol to her head.  It comes off without a breath.  At least you can at least tell how they saved a ton for this already low budget by having all of two locations for this movie. 

I can’t say I recommend it.  It’s not scary but I’ll give you this you can make fun of it easily and that can make it entertaining if you are looking for cheesy horror.    It tries far too hard to be clever at the end which makes would have been nice if it was spread throughout the movie as developed plot rather than one big explosive reveal.   

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