Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DC Mega review

​Since DC Universe online has come out today I figured what better subject then to talk about some of the DC cartoon movies I’ve seen recently via Netflix.  Many have impressed with me with how good they are.  Being a comic geek and a cartoon fan I sometimes give them a shot and it surprises me sometimes when they bring a unique vision to the oldest of old school…the DC heroes.

​First up let’s talk about “Justice League: New Frontier”.  It’s the story of how the Justice League came to meet in the face of a terrible alien crisis.  Not really the most interesting story but what interested me is the art style and the fact that it’s set in the 50s style backdrop of when the characters were in the golden age of the comics.

​That sort of blew my mind when you realize Hal Jordan is a Korean War veteran.  It’s a classic era and reminds us how old these characters really are.  My favorite storyline comes in the form of the Martian Manhunter whose story is almost like something out of a creature feature.   The story itself is kind of passable but I am just using this one as a sort of the least of my favorites.   Watch it if you are into a unique art style and nostalgic look at the Justice League.

​Next up is “Superman Doomsday”.  This tells the story of Superman’s battle and death by the villain Doomsday.  Upon stopping him Superman falls to his supposed death.  Lex Luthor however has made clones of Superman and is intending to control this new Superman.  The problem is that this new Superman uses his powers more like a strong arming bully then a hero.  Luckily the old Superman that had supposedly died has been taken to his fortress of solitude and is being revived for this fight with his own clone.

​It’s a damn good movie.  It’s one of those stories that ask about the nature of power and what it can do to corrupt.  Still beneath that philosophical exterior it’s a really interesting look at Superman and Lex Luthor as characters.  He doesn’t understand how a man with the power of a god can do as he does and not demand the worship of the people he saves.   Straying a lot from the rebirth story in the comic it’s still a really fun movie worth watching.

​Finally there is “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths”.  In this movie Lex Luthor appears and asks to be arrested turns out this Luthor is from an alternate universe where he is in the Justice League and the Heroes are all villains.  He needs our heroes help to fix his world or the fate of the entire universe will be in peril.  This was a fun story with a lot of interesting angles to it.

​It made it a unique challenge for the Justice League when they have to face what is essentially their equals from an alternate universe.  As a comic fan it sort of trips me out when I see a good version of the Joker called the Jester that springs up to help good Lex Luthor and it turns out he has a monkey named Harley Quinn.  That is good writing there.

​All in all the cartoons are pretty good.  I’ve been a fan of Batman the animated series for as long as it’s been on.  Whenever I’ve caught Superman or Justice League I’ve been impressed by it so when I see them actually give the characters the dignity they deserve it’s really cool to watch.   Sure it’s not for everyone.   But if you think comic action might be your bag and you are into animated features give it a look.

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