Saturday, January 8, 2011

2001 Manics: Field of Screams-review

Fuck this movie forever!

            A while back I reviewed an awful movie from 2005 called “2001 Maniacs”.  It stared Robert Englund and was just a wretched little piece of shit.  Then I discover it’s got a sequel.  Oh yes! “2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams” was made in 2010.  Most of the cast even came back except oddly enough Robert Englund.  This perplexes me. Since he has stuck it through 8 Nightmare on Elm St. movies but he leaps off this sinking ship faster than a little white girl on the Titanic. 

            Instead we get Bill Moseley who is a decent actor and should be doing better things than this.  Bill is playing the part of George W. Buckman.  The town of Pleasant Valley has not been able to get new Northern bodies to the town to kill and eat.  So after killing the Sheriff in a really stupid manner they decide they are all going to bus north and go to them.  So now Ghost can rent buses and go on road trips?

Can you guess which is the Chinese stereotype
            Meanwhile the Sheraton sisters Rome and Tina are filming their reality series with their boyfriends and camper full of the most painful stereotypes outside of a Michael Bay movie.  First off if you didn’t get the joke that Rome and Tina Sheraton are spoofs of The Hilton sisters I really think the writers of this must’ve thought just making bimbos are dumb slut jokes would make awesome filler because that is all they did when they are on screen. 

            The rest of the screen time between stupid killings is filled with incredibly unfunny racial stereotypes.  Let’s go through the list:
  1. The Jewish stereotype. Who comments in Yiddish and loves money and talks about how he got his camera for Passover.
  2. The black stereotype (I shit you not) the character’s names are Crow and Black Cherry.  Ahmed Best is in this singing in his Jar Jar Binks finest.
  3. The Mexican stereotype which stops working to get high and is just there to be called names like Speedy Gonzalez and Jesus rather than the proper pronunciation that sounds like Hey Zeus.
  4. The Chinese Stereotype.  This one is so painful to watch.  The character is names China Rose and she speaks in Engrish and talks about suckee and no tickee no shirtee. 

Eat this.  In memory of me.
Fuck these writers this movie is so offensive I really didn’t even want to write a
review with spoilers because too much detail just annoys me. There are lines that are appalling to hear.  Like when Black Cherry and Jesus are having sex she screams “Fuck me like you did to get your green card.”  What the fuck! And Jesus calls the Jewish guy Schindler which isn’t even apt since Schindler wasn’t Jewish.

            Continuity is all over the place and there is no excuse for it.  If a cigar is blown up in one shot it should be blown up in another.  Not whole and everything fine.  What the fuck!  I am stunned.  They couldn’t even get a real sheep.  One of the characters in the last movie had a bestial relationship with a sheep and it was always with him.  In this they had a goofy fake one and said he had it stuffed but it was clear he got this one at a ToysRus.  The movie even has the balls to have to characters openly debate which is better male on male gay sex or bestiality?  WHAT THE FUCK?!

For heavy flow days... use this script.
            Seriously this movie is awful.  I think they made it to make the original seem better in comparison and if that was the idea it succeeds but that is like taking a dilapidated house and setting the house next to it on fire to make the dilapidated house look better.  I don’t know what to say. I’m stunned by the rottenness of this movie.  How on earth did this get made?  Are there really fans of this series?

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