Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dexter-ous thoughts

​Well, first off I love this series.  It’s well acted, well written and shows a lot of care.  I am also big fan of the books series.  On that note they are like looking into an alternate universe of the Dexter character where both are interesting but their worlds are slightly different.  The show focuses on the minor characters as well as Dexter whereas the books it’s all Dexter all the time.

​The minor characters are actually a big boon to the series I think.  With some minor exceptions and I KNOW I am going to get flak for this.  There are two characters that stick in my craw.  Debra Morgan, played by Jennifer Carpenter and Rita played by Julie Benz.  Ok spoiler alert, I know I don’t have to deal with Rita anymore.  But still, it shocked me how bummed folks were at her death?  She has been an albatross around Dexter’s neck for a long time.

​Oh I know, here come the romantics saying she is meant for him.  Julie Benz was really great at first at portraying this vulnerable woman which Rita is supposed to be.  But here is what I didn’t like she turned from vulnerable to harping shrew in one season. It was no time flat.  She would believe her ex who would cheat, beat her and her kids, rape her and was a constant junkie over dearly devoted Dexter?

​Dexter is constantly coming home to her yelling at him and/or rolling her eyes and asking where he’s been.  First off he is the only one in that family that works.  So thanks Rita.  Second, he’s a blood splatter analyst for the Miami-Dade County so he’s on call. Third He’s got three kids, the baby and Rita’s 2 kids from a previous marriage.  So why is Rita always on his ass about wanting a partner in the relationship?  He’s doing a lot it seems and he doesn’t even start a fight about it.  Oh yeah she’ll be missed like dial up.

​Next up we have Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan.  Lord almighty I’m so tired of hearing this girl whine about her relationship issues.  It’s like she took a potion that kept her brain in teenager mode.  She is an egocentric scenery chewing spaz.  And it kills me because in the book she knows Dexter is a killer and she accepts him for it.

​She will often come to Dexter when he is working or clearly having real issues of his own and talk about her relationship issues like “Do you think he’ll propose after our week together?” Dexter has the patience of a saint not to throw her ass out of his office.  But instead sits there and listens to this which will lead to her either giggling like a giddy school girl or crying like one instead or even more maturely hitting him.

​And like all stupid teenagers I’ve ever met. If they don’t get advice they like they take it personally.  That is something Debra does all the time.  Instead of taking things like an adult she has such enormous daddy issues that it’s sometimes hard to tell who the real sociopath on this show is until he finally starts cutting on someone.  

​Really I like the others. Angel is great.  Masuka is always a tremendous character.  The man, Dexter himself is always well done. I hate that I don’t and have Showtime and have to wait for it to come on DVD like a common troll.  Still, I am at least liking where is has been going and the ride thus far has been an intense one.  I just wonder where they intend on taking it next.

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