Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black Swan-review

            Honestly, what can I say?  This movie really is a great one.  It’s an amazing companion piece to “The Wrestler”.  Where “The Wrestler” is the ugliness of a beast this story is about a beauty and perfection.  The acting was superb. I was surprised a bit since I had expected some aspect of same old same, old are at a certain point from Portman’s performance.  But she turns it around. 

            Ballet is nothing easy.  It’s a world of eating disorders, chain smoking and feet that are messed up in ways you cannot comprehend.  But and they give you that world with both barrels of the shotgun.  I have always found Natalie Portman to be one of the best looking stars on the planet and this movie has her in some of the sexiest scenes I’ve seen her in.  I did not see that coming.

            You will probably say that to yourself a lot in this movie.  That or, “That girl is fucking crazy.” If I had any complaints it’s that once again I saw CG blood. Why is that so necessary?  I have bitched about this before.  Blood is an effect that has been perfected for years so why are we using computers for the effects now? 

Lastly, is Winona Ryder really so recognizable that she is worth hiring anymore?  The last thing I saw her in was a brief roll as Spock’s mother in the new “Star Trek” movie and I still thought it was odd she was in that.  Why is she in this?  She can barely read without adding “like” or “totally” in the sentence.  Still, to the casting director’s credit I imagine it cost some cheese sandwiches and lemonade to hire her. 

 The good far exceeds the bad.  It’s a well-written, well acted movie very much worth seeing.  It’s dark and depressing and it probably will win some awards.  If you have a chance to see, it make sure you do.  It’s well worth your time. 


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