Tuesday, December 7, 2010

127 Hours-review

            James Franco has a lot of talent.  I like him a lot more though when he is not the brooding sullen looking character.  When he smiles he is the sort of goofy guy that just seems like a friendly dude.  That is the character we get in “127 Hours”.  Its not Danny Boyles best movie and really I don’t think its Franco’s best role either but it does show a lot of effort.

            What you get is the true story of the extreme dude Aron Ralston who went on a trip without telling anyone where he was going.  A boulder falls on his arm pinning him in a Utah canyon.  For 5 days he is slowly trying to get out of this messed up situation.  He is screwed for food and water.  He starts to hallucinate and examine his life.

            There are some beautiful scenes of Utah.  But then there are also brutal shots that will make anyone wince and Franco plays it off well.  Anyone who read the story of the actual mountaineer will know Aron had to cut off his own arm to escape the boulder.  The scene itself is pretty crazy and honestly I sort of wondered what took him so long to come to that conclusion that he’d have to do that. 

            All in all it’s a good movie and totally worth seeing.  Not nearly the story or the amazing visuals of “Into the Wild” but there are elements that I thought felt similar.  At least this fellow gets out and lives to see another day after his tragedy.  A lot of folks claimed by nature are not nearly so lucky.

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