Friday, December 10, 2010

An Awesome Job

​I think an awesome job to have would have been pitching television show ideas in the 60s.  These are ideas that would be considered insane and would NEVER be considered but somehow they got made and were loved by audiences everywhere. I can just see it walking into an executive meeting.

Executive: Well, what do you got for us Ryan?

Ryan: Well Sir I got a couple ideas. Let me know what you think.

Executive: Okay let’s hear them.

Ryan:  An astronaut lands on a tropical island and finds a genie.  They fall in love and he and his dolt partner spend the series hiding the fact that she is a genie doing whacky things behind the back of the Air Force Psychologist.

Executive: Good Lord!

Ryan: Yeah?

Executive: That is genius! What else do you have?

Ryan: Well one rather similar really.  I got a one about a Witch that is married to an ad executive.  He just wants her to give up her witchy ways but his mother-in-law is always getting in the way and causing problems.

Executive: Hmmm.  I like the mother-in-law gag.  That will generate big laughs.  Got any more?

Ryan: Yeah two more. One is about a family based on the Saturday Evening Post Comic “The Addams Family”.  We’ll name the characters and give them the backstory that they are rich eccentrics that can do basically whatever they want and make people feel frightened and weird.

Executive: That one is a bit weak.

Ryan: Did I mention they have a pet disembodied hand.

Executive: Dammit! If you had I would never have doubted your absolute genius.

Ryan: Ok my last one is about a family consisting of a father who is a Frankenstein monster, a mother who is a vampire, her father who is also a vampire and their son who is a werewolf.  They have a niece who is staying with them who is pretty and normal. But they think she is the weird one.

Executive: Go on.

Ryan: So they constantly have mishaps around town and have to deal with the prejudices of others due to the fact that they are basically monsters.

Executive: My god son. You have made this network millions with that brain of yours.  Would you care for a cigarette?

Ryan: Only if I can drink while I smoke.  It is the 60s after all.

Executive: Of course. Taste the turbulence.

​Ahhhhh now that we’ve done the time warp again.  You can see why that would be a fun job.  Now there is very little creativity going on of that nature.  Nowadays sitcoms are unoriginal garbage.  Due mostly in part to the fact that they have a family or group of friends just spouting one liners and catch phrases lacking the odd premises that used to give it originality.  Oh well.    

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