Thursday, October 14, 2010

Super Scribblenauts-Second verse, better than the first.

When Scribblenauts came out I was incredibly impressed by what I saw.  For those of you new to the idea the game it’s a Nintendo DS game that lets you write out anything not copyrighted or vulgar and you use these to solve puzzles to get items called starites.   So for example if a starite is in a tree you could write “ladder” climb the ladder and get the starite.  It’s a fairly basic concept but it was fun and gets challenging fast with more advanced puzzles.
​Super Scribblenauts brings it to a whole new level.  The developers have fixed it so now you can use the d-pad to control Maxwell which is a lovely change.  Everything has a visible life bar this time.  Also instead of just nouns you have to use adjectives to solve puzzles.  For example I can now write “giant ham” when I want to attract the attention of a lion and because it’s a so big he’ll eat it and put him to sleep.
​It’s a really great game.  I recommend it for anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of a challenge and try something new.  The first is still a great game as and you certainly don’t need to play one with before the other but this one fixes some of the flaws of the original that were a tad annoying and takes the challenge up a notch with adding adjectives.  I can only imagine if they come out with another maybe they will add verbs.  Then puzzles will be a snap then.

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