Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My thoughts on Ghost Adventures

“Ghost Adventures” is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Like “Deadliest Warrior” it is television at its most ridiculous. Zak Bagans, a tight shirt lout and his two buddies walk around spooky buildings with night vision armed with Electromagnetic Field Detectors, Video Cameras, A voice recorder to record electronic voice phenomena, thermometers, and often other things such as witch doctors, exorcists or other paranormal experts.  They interview some people then lock themselves in a room and run around yelling around like Shaggy and the gang until dawn when they conclude they have proof of spiritual activity.
They use cold spots and electromagnetic fluxuations to determine that a spirit is nearby.  Somehow their word is all we have to go on.  Did you know you can find Aliens because whenever they are nearby you can smell limeade? That logic is the same. Can you prove me wrong? Batteries will die so they assume spirits do it to fuel themselves with energy.   Electronics are truly unreliable equipment and you can attribute it to anything you are interested in.   The floating orbs they show on film are dismissed to make people believe it’s not dust.  But considering he isn’t a camera expert and the room isn’t a dustless room like where they develop microchips I find their theories rather flawed.
EVP, getting a noise and voice sounds creepy but if you are listening for something the human mind will play tricks on you.  Wandering around a decrepit house or old hospital makes tons of noise. Plus I’m sure there are insects and pests that roam about too making it full of various sounds.  They say they have been possessed and have been attacked. I think they have found fun acts to make for cheesy TV. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere there are wires. So saying that the electromagnetic energy proves there is spiritual activity is a touch flawed.  Acting like some greasy honky-tonk bar where a botched abortion took place was a place of satanic rituals makes you out to be a jackass.  One of his team even said the ghost’s followed him home and ruined his marriage.
​ The show is amusing. They really get into the whole game for the show of it.  I won’t kid you Zak calls each location hell.  He overdramatizes everything. He threatens the “Ghosts” to spur them on to prove their existence.  If there were ghosts would they have anything to fear from three jerks that piss themselves every time they feel a cold draft of air?  But hey, 51% of American’s believe in ghosts.   I’ve seen some amazing magicians since I was a kid and if it taught me anything it has been that illusion can look an awful lot like real magic if you can’t explain it.  I am pretty sure that is what this show counts on.

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