Friday, October 1, 2010

Dead Rising 2- full review

Ok, I tried to like it.  Especially, after waiting so long for a new game to come out and impress me.  Dead Rising 2 sucks.  There is no way around it and after less than a week with it I am already prepared to trade it back for credit.   But why is this game such a flop?  Oh I’ll feed you, baby birds.
For starters the graphics is somewhat lacking for a next generation game console.  The people really have wooden expressions and lack of depth in facial clarity which I expect out of the PS3.  This however, is really the least of the game’s problems.  When everyone plays a game the first thing on everyone’s mind should be: “Is it playable?” and this game fall’s flat pretty hard on that note.
Maybe I am a stick in the mud but it pisses me right off when I finally get my hands on a ranged weapon like a gun or a flame thrower and it takes 6 bullets to take down a zombie. Then if a human mercenary shows up that you need to take out he is bobbing and weaving like Muhammad Ali and your gun is useless to hit him it and now it takes even more ammo. So now you have to use a melee weapon to take him out meanwhile he has just about killed you because they don’t miss.
Yeah hit detection is very suspect in this game.  You can wade through a team of zombies and no one will touch you.  Then out of the blue you will be dragged down and have to struggle to wrestle away from the maniac chewing on your throat.  The boss battles may as well be a joke too.  Most times you spend running away because your hits do jack squat to the guys you’re trying to hit. Why does the A.I. for saving people suck so hard?  These people don’t seem to give a crap at all that it’s their ass you are trying to save.
The missions are ridiculous.  Unless you are the Beyonder and can warp time and space there is no way you can get to all these places and finish the story without running out of time.  Also this might be nitpicking but as a player I like to get the trophies that come in games. I don’t understand what the hell is going on but this game has been ridiculous about giving out the trophies for any successes.  Several hours in and I’ve only gotten a couple.  That is bad.  Normal PS3 games will actually toss out trophies left and right for playing and enjoying the game.  Bottom line Dead Rising 2 is a very broken game.  I know Capcom can do better.  After all Resident Evil 5 was better and that game really stands out for the PS3.

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