Friday, October 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2- review

I’ll start by saying this movie is pretty weak in my opinion. I hate to say it but I got in a huge fight with the person I saw it with. While I wasn’t able to explain perfectly why I found it so sub-par I can certainly slander it online.  For all it’s weakness it does add to the story a bit more.  Katie and Micah are present since it’s not a sequel in all manners but a prequel leading up to the events of the first movie and then the day after. 

So let me tell you why it bugged me.  It’s uses TONS and I mean tons of aspects and ideas from the first one and the first STILL was 100 times creepier.  First off on a side note in the preview I thought I saw the baby crawling in the highway, why isn’t that in there any more? I HATE when movies are missing scenes that are in their previews.  Anyway, in the first film you had a build up that was slow and first but it gets bigger and bigger every night, leading to the thrilling scary climax. This movie had a few big scares and some creep factor.  But it took a much, much longer time to build up to it.  I mean come on the first one had the demon’s foot prints like Donald Duck put on the ring of power. You have to top that somehow.

For this reason lets count the many ways these movies are way too similar:
·        A crucifix is used to ward of the demon in some way
·        A person is dismissed by the owner of the house after being warned of the paranormal entities they are dealing with.
·        The main characters research demonic occult via the web.
·        There is use of a Ouija board with eerie results.
·        A woman is dragged across the hall like a rag doll.
·        A woman is bitten by the demon.
·        A girl walks up from bad dream of a dark being saying their name.
·        A woman is possessed.
·        The movies end with a title card saying character’s whereabouts are unknown.
And that immediately strikes me as bullshit too. In the first movie it says Katie’s whereabouts are unknown and yet for the second movie we do get to see her AFTER she killed Micah.  Granted she vanishes after that fact but still, details people.  During the fight I kept getting asked “What did I expect?”  I don’t know.  The story line did progress and it was nice to see the Katie and Micah characters again but honestly if I want to see them I can always watch them in the first movie and be more thrilled. 
Maybe I expected to be surprised or shocked.  But when you take the elements of the first movie put it in a blender and hit puree it doesn’t make it original.  Is it worth seeing?  If you loved the original as much as I did, yes.  But if you are new to the series take a pass and see the first.  As a side note: for the love of Krishna STOP TALKING during horror movies you idiots! Your banter is not witty and will not affect the outcome of the film.    

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