Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Fame Wall

    As you know I have a love of movies. This love has translated in various ways.  One has been to collect tons of videos in various formats. Over the years I have also obtained a few autographs.  Usually on books and DVDs so I can't frame them well since I normally am one of those people that wants to watch or read them again.  Only now have I begun to frame what I have and put them up in my library.

    These ones are interesting.  I'll explain the flashed one in a second.  The top girl is Ivonna Cadaver.  She is the horror host of "Macabre Theater".  A very funny and talented girl. I remember watching her and so I looked up her site and wrote her an email.  She wrote me back asking for my address and she sent me the autographed 8x10.  That is so cool and classy.  To her right is Natalie Portman.  I won that one on ebay along with a certificate of authenticity.  Which I recommend that EVERYONE gets if they attempt to get into collectibles or memorabilia.

    Below her is adult film star Belladonna, just met her at the Castle one day after work.  Incredibly nice girl.  To her left is Kyra Schon. She played the little girl, Karen in "Night of the Living Dead."  To her left is a dual signature. Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu, who played Joel, and Crow/Dr.Forrester on Mystery Science Theater 3000. 

    Next we have a floating frame that has two promo cards form San Diego ComicCon.  They have Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston's autograph and a swatch of the costume they were wearing in the picture.  So for Katie it's the black tank top and for Micah it's the grey t-shirt.  A pretty decent find.  

    Finally, there is this awesome little piece.  It's three original film cells from "Bride of Frankenstein"  I love the way it was presented too.  It's got all the main characters on each cell and having the title card and Elsa Lanchester's image on the left there is just fantastic.
    Besides theses I have an autographed Kevin Smith script.  A couple Bruce Campbell books that he signed when he came up to plug his movie "Man with the Screaming Brain".  As well as a DVD of "Road Trip" signed by Tom Green when he was relevant.

    I've got other stuff too.  Not worth mentioning but its now just feels like I've been hearing bragging about what a collection I've got.  Honestly, it's nothing compared to most people who REALLY collect things. I have a bobble-head collection too but I don't have nearly enough to make it worth anyone's time to look at. 

      If you are into a certain thing.  Like sports or
movies or what have you memoribila is a fun little investment.  Just remember it can get expensive fast and remember to get certificates and proof that the items are authentic. 

    Anyway I hope this was at least entertaining.  I am  figuring out this blog thing enough now to be able to post pictures and movie clips too.  Maybe that will enhance the reviews down the road. We shall see.  Take care, dear readers.

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