Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Likes that you hate, and visa versa.

I like to watch movie critics online. One recently posted a list of movies that he likes that other people generally hate and then he posted a list of movies that he hates that other people generally like. He then told people to send him ideas on his board.  I liked the idea so I thought I’d write a few movies for both category and let you know what I think.  Of course, all this is subjective and I’d love to know my reader’s lists of personal likes and hates as well. 

5 movies I dislike that everyone else seems to like.

The Usual Suspects- This movie is all just trying so hard to be clever and then you get the ending and I’m sorry but its interesting but if that were a cop worth a shit he’d have been able to notice an asshole looking around the room making the story up.

Boondocks Saints- A shoot ‘em up revenge story that so many people enjoy.  But I find the characters very uninteresting and their motivations very unappealing.  All in all it’s been done a lot better.  To this movie’s credit though Willem Dafoe brings us a great performance.

Ice Age- Somehow this movie warranted 2 sequels.  How did that happen? There are some parts are slightly amusing but really I felt the jokes were all trite and it was done better when it was the “Jungle Book”.

Avatar- The great blue hype.  I’ve already written my review on my feelings on this one. It rips off a ton of films and it’s got baloney for science fiction.   

Citizen Kane- I can’t really get into movies where you don’t like the protagonist.  In this movie the main character is an asshole and has no redeeming qualities and he keeps getting worse until his death.  There is little to identify with someone like that.  So as much as the cinematography is great for the time it does squat for me.

5 movies I like that everyone else seems to dislike.

Waterworld- I enjoy the atmosphere of this world.  Kevin Costner sucks in it but the over the top acting of Dennis Hopper and the sets and the way the world works really catches my eye and intrigues me. 

Cable Guy- This movie was a guilty pleasure for me.  A friend and I enjoyed watching it a lot and the dark jokes and the little nuances to it really made this pretty enjoyable for us.  It reminds me a lot of my buddy Justin. 

The Punisher- A story of a dead family and revenge.  Yes it had been told before and I know it will be told again.  But I liked that it was a Marvel movie that wasn’t afraid to be gritty and go for the violence of a hard R rating.  It didn’t pander to audiences to sell tickets and it felt like the comic should have been.  So it felt like a genuine movie at least.

I Heart Huckabees- This is an odd movie.  There are aspects that I find really amusing because the dialogue was quick and clever.  The cast was really good and kept it together but people didn’t like it.  Go figure.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- I seriously do not get why folks hate this movie so much.  It’s not any more ridiculous than the other movies.  Some people say that the other movies involve religious touches to it.  I think Indy said it best “Depends on who your god is” I guess if your god is a crystal skulled alien it applies.  The whole series is bases on the old serials of the 40s so they are meant to be big, grand and amazing.  There are aspects of this movie I don’t care for.  But I still think it works.  

            Well as I said earlier I’d love to know what you reader’s think. Be sure and leave your comments. I’m curious what movies you might like that other’s hate or what you hate but think other’s enjoy.  It’s a neat way to find out about people. 


  1. i hate the movie "six days, seven nights" with harrison ford and anne heche. people like it....just not me.

  2. I LOVED I heart Huckabees. I felt like no one else had ever heard of it, but it was fun and whimsical. Some of Danny Elfman's best weird music too.