Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans-review

This is the face of a man you can trust.
            Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I’ve been on sort of a Nic Cage kick lately.  The man walks a fine line in his movies.  Since he is one of those actors that never says no to anything it seems he gets offered tons of bullshit.  But if he has fun doing a movie it shows and a movie, while being really weak, can still be wildly entertaining while Nic Cage is having fun.

            In “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” he chews so much scenery he must have been shitting drywall for a month.  He plays Terrence McDonagh a cop that saves the life of a criminal about to drown in a prison cell during Hurricane Katrina.  The result is a back injury that leaves him addicted to Vicodin and any other drug he can get his hands on. 

Times fun when you're having flies...get it?  Lizard joke
            He steals drugs, he trades sexual favors and he bribes criminals for information as well as uses very over the top tactics to threaten folks while strung out on cocaine. He is a gambling rapist and in no way a good person and the whole movie I wanted to see something BAD happen to him for the way he treated people and how selfish a person he was.  He reminded me of Alonzo Harris in “Training Day” except not nearly as smooth and without the comeuppance.

Dammit, I'll give you DEATH PANELS!
            Speaking of “Training Day” which also had the lovely and talented Eva Mendes, she is in this as well.  In fact the cast is really decent and well picked.  Say what you will but Brad Dourif he deserves a lot more credit for the roles he plays.  That guy is always a great actor in just about everything he is in.  If you aren’t familiar with who he is look him up on IMDB.  Hell of a character actor.

            So with the great cast and story which is a perverse twist of “Training Day” it retains its entertainment value.  Nic Cage is a spaz when he is on drugs in this movie and it’s really fun to watch him have so much fun.  It’s not like he is just bored and going through the motions to get a check like “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

Still waiting for him to play Fu Manchu though.
            All in all it was a worthy renter.  It’s nothing a fan of “The Shield” will not have seen countless times.  Mostly you’d come to see a derivative dirty cop movie with the added benefit that it’s got Nic Cage acting super over the top. If you are in the mood for that then you might just be in for a treat after all.  

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