Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Buried –review

And Ryan thought sex with Scarlett Johansson was rough.  
            Oh man this movie was great.  I am so impressed by the thrills and just how much Ryan Reynolds could bring such an emotional performance to the screen.  There are twists and turns which really make it clever and the ending is brilliant.  It was really a winner. 

It's the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around.
            Ryan Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, who is a truck driver in Iraq whose convoy was attacked.  He finds himself buried a huge wooden coffin.  Thank goodness it allows him to move around completely in this coffin.  Too bad he didn’t study under Pei Mei.  Maybe he could have punched his way out.

            It’s a very claustrophobic movie since it’s all filmed in the coffin.   That is all you see.  I think that makes the movie work well since the set shrinks around the character.  It’s got very political overtones which are very interesting sad as this situation becomes so dreadful.  I really don’t want to spoil the ending since it’s really quite impressive.

            Conroy has a phone with him and he tries desperately to save himself calling his boss, the pentagon, his family and 911 and he is put on hold constantly.  His frustration is felt in great detail as I can imagine how awful it must suck to be on hold when you are buried alive and time is important.  

Ha Ha you got me! You wacky Iraqis!
            Considering what an awful way that would be die it’s a great concept for a thriller.  There is a lot going for this movie and I think folks should give this a shot.  It’s a really clever movie that does a lot with so little.  There is a lot to it and it’s a great big downer but it shows the talents of an actor that I was really surprised by.  That is the type of movie I love to see.

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