Sunday, December 11, 2011


Go go Geisha Tank!
What the hell did I just watch?  This movie is okay if you can handle bizarre gonzo movies but if that is not your style make tracks because its goes all over the map.  It’s another movie with effect by Yoshihiro Nishimura, which I have praised on my site before for being the Japanese Tom Savini.  However, this time it’s not his goriest work.  If anything this is some of the most cartoonish and over the top style stuff I’ve seen in a while.

Send in the FEM-BOTS!
Yoshie and Kikue are two sisters who are recruited to be in a clan of geisha assassins. Their sibling rivalry starts to get out of hand as they begin enhancing themselves with cybernetic to make themselves better killers.  Things like ass swords and fem-bot style tit guns.  Things that any clever person would really need to get the job done.  Yoshie decides she needs to break free of the company that made her this evil robot and wants to save her sister.  The corporation however has other plans for her.

Please stop! I'm allergic to shellfish.
This movie has lots of really stupid plot ups and downs. For example there is a subplot involving a group of people that want to rescue the geisha assassins that pretty much hits a brick wall.  There is also the most insane way to deliver a bomb to Mt. Fuji I’ve ever seen.  Turn the pagoda you are in into a walking robot as if this was an episode of “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers”.  When it attacks buildings they even bleed.  As if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough Yoshie can grow tank treads out of her torso.

What's that building's blood type?
Have I lost my mind? This is all weird as hell.  But I guess this is the same movie where they did just kill a many by impaling his eyes with tempura shrimp.  Of all the movies that I’ve seen with Nishimura’s name on the credits this is the one that is by far the most ridiculous.  It’s still kind of fun in a very stupid way though.  I guess if that is your bag you might enjoy it, but holy shit it’s a strange ride. 

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