Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hobo with a Shotgun-review

The Enzyte commercial that never aired.
In the spirit of the modern Grindhouse movies, “Hobo with a Shotgun” comes at you and really is a lot of fun.  The dialogue is funny and edgy in a way that is no more subtle than a sledgehammer to the face.  The film stock was edited in such a way that it gives the movie a real worn down Grindhouse look too.  It’s a macabre bit of fun with blood, boobs and bullets.

The director made the trailer for “Hobo with a Shotgun” in a contest to promote the double feature of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse”.  This means along with “Machete” now there are two Grindhouse trailer movies that have made it to full feature production.  That is pretty damn cool. 

An unnamed hobo played by Rutger Hauer arrives in Hope Town.  He finds that it is lawless and under the control of an insane criminal named the Drake and his two sons.  The Hobo befriends a prostitute that is being victimized by the sons and takes it upon himself to rescue her.  He is saving his earnings to purchase a lawnmower to start a business.  When he spots folks in trouble he instead purchases a shotgun which he uses as a vigilante to kill criminals.

I will Traci Lords the hell out of this performance.
Rutger Hauer really gives this performance some good gravitas.  Considering that it’s got lines in it like “They are going to make comics out of my hate-crimes!” It has a lot of potential for suck.  However, it’s played really well on his part. The girl that played Abby, Molly Dunsworth did a fine job as the hooker with a heart of gold.  Though, I found it distracting at times since she looks like a young Traci Lords.   My main complaint is that the main villains are not that threatening.  I am just not very threatened by a couple guys in lettermen’s jackets with their dad who looks as though he raided Tom Wolfe’s closet.   

Give that girl a hand...No I'm serious.
There are lots of bloody and gore scenes with some pretty crazy effects and unique kills.  Many are really quite good. The story is pretty solid.  It shows a bleak view of humanity and one man up against the hordes of criminals in a corrupt town. It would likely be a lot of fun for you if you are either a fan of the standard fair of the Grindhouse or modern Grindhouse style of movie.  If you are neither of those then steer clear.

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