Monday, December 12, 2011


Omigosh! Fido's breath killed Mrs. Moss
Whenever you bring up zombie comedies most people leap to “Shaun of the Dead”.  Why not? “Shaun of the Dead” is a great movie. However, when I mention “Fido” to some folks they don’t know what to expect at first.  I’ll admit the title isn’t what I would have chosen in order to really sell this. Still, it’s a lot of fun and it’s really insightful for what it is; a story about a boy and his dog, with a zombie in the place of the dog.

I've run over so many gophers today.
“Fido” takes place in a version of the earth where it’s the 50s and radiation from space has caused anyone who dies to come to back to life as zombies.  Luckily there are domestication collars that people put on the zombies that make them into pets and into servants that can do various menial tasks without the hunger for flesh.  Timmy is a little boy who is bullied and is very alone.  One day his neglectful parents get a zombie and he befriends it naming it Fido.  The rest of the story is the tale of a boy and his zombie.

This movie is just really fun.  Carrie-Anne Moss kicks ass as Timmy’s mother, Helen, and Dylan Baker does likewise as his father, Bill.  Billy Connolly plays Fido and does a damn fine job of portraying emotion while still being an undead monster. There is a message about human kindness and love that is there but it is very subtle and it’s not preachy and thrown in just to claim it has meaning.
Even Zombies need walkies.

“Fido” really is a great movie that more people should see.  If you enjoy comedies you’ll like it.  If you like zombie movies, you’ll LOVE it.  It’s smart and the cast are very sincere in their roles and it makes for an experience that is really worth the time.  I hope more people are willing to give this one a shot.

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