Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Automaton Transfusion-review

Cat got your tongue?
All I can say about this movie is that the price was right.  I got it for free with a copy of the New Zealand movie “Black Sheep” which was good and cheap already. I had never heard of it and quite frankly I can see why since who ever wrote it is a complete hack and whoever filmed it was a total spaz.  I couldn’t find anything fun about this movie with the exception of one unique kill; and all it did was make me smirk at the stupidity of it.

The movie follows obvious 20-somethings pretending to be the most stereotypical high school students imaginable.  They are all of a sudden attacked by fast zombies.  The plague spreads quickly and a small group of them attempt to fight them off.  They discover that they were created by the Government as a throwback to the Vietnam conflict. Then with the main two kids surrounded it ends with a “to be continued” as if anyone cares.
We sure could go for some hamburger sandwiches or
some french fried potatoes since we are teenagers and all.

First of all the filming is migraine inducing with the fact that they never use a tripod to hold the damn camera.  The shaky camera is also followed by absolutely JARRING scene cuts that would give a jack-in-the-box whiplash.  The characters are cookie cutter high school stock that you won’t remember during the movie much less after.  They also speed up the film as if it was the fucking Benny Hill show in order to hide the really shitty effects.

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...
The only part that made me sort of smirk was the out of nowhere death of a pregnant girl who was killed by a zombie when he punched her belly, tore out the fetus and starts eating the baby.  Stay classy movie.  I can’t say I recommend this piece of shit. Just save your sanity and keep away.

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