Friday, September 2, 2011

The Buffy television show

            People will defend “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with such mad frothing.  I can’t say I ever understood it.  I like “Firefly”. That is my Joss Whedon fan card for you.  I know he can write good stuff like that and bad stuff, like “Aliens Resurrection”.  First off I got some advice to the vampires of Sunnydale.  Buy a gun and shoot the slayer.

            I can imagine coming up to the vampire leader and it going something like this:

Vampire Leader: My God! You’re back?  I’ve sent countless other vampires against the slayer before and they have all perished.

Vampire Ryan: Yeah. The job was very simple.  You told me you wanted this Buffy girl dead.  So I bought a gun and shot her.

Vampire Leader: Really? That’s all it took?  Was it at least a magic gun? One forged from a Hellmouth?

Vampire Ryan: No, I actually got it at the Fred Meyer after a waiting period. 

Vampire Leader: So she didn’t do kung fu and attempt to stake you?

Vampire Ryan: Oh you bet your ass she did.  There is only so much kung fu will dodge against a bullet though.

Vampire Leader: So you just shot her. 

Vampire Ryan: Pretty much.

Vampire Leader: Wow! I wasted so many vampire lives up against that witch. All this time we could have killed her with a gun.

Vampire Ryan: Yeah, well hindsight is 20/20 they say. 

Vampire Leader: Indeed it is.
            Also if she is the one slayer why the hell don’t evil things go to somewhere other than Sunnydale?  I’ve heard they are drawn there because of a Hellmouth, but that seems like a lame excuse.  Remove her from the equation. Clearly I am thinking too hard on this.  I haven’t seen enough of the series to really make an impression whether it’s good or bad.  So please excuse the rant.


  1. I have watched the entire season and I can honestly say it really does not change beyond what you ranted. Early on Buffy the vampire slayer gets drowned and dies but is revived...because she died for a few minutes a new slayer was activated and comes to Sunnydale. New slayer gets one is activated and again comes to Sunnydale where she joins the dark side. Later Buffy dies again saving her sister who was forged from buffy by magic to be a key to open and close a portal of hell. Buffy again resurrected by magic and ultimatly ends up falling in love with yet another vampire that she has spent all the rest of the seasons goibg back and forth from trying to slay him (spike) and

  2. Then uses him as her accomplice lol. Its seven seasons worth of a soap opera.

  3. lulz. an unfortunate byproduct of watching any other whedon projects is that i've been wanting to rewatch the buffy series and get it to climax.. i never had the opportunity to get it to fruition. meh.