Saturday, September 3, 2011

Apollo 18-review

I want my MTV.
            If I were to sum this movie up in one sentence it would be: “Blair Witch Project…IN SPACE!”  Lucky for me that is right up my alley.  This movie is pretty decent. The movie is supposed to be found footage of the final trip to the moon.  Since it takes place in 1973 the film stock is really aged appropriately.  The acting is good and the film keeps a creepy pace, though it isn’t the type of movie that filled me with terror going home like “Paranormal Activity” did. 

That wasn't the moon NASA was expecting Anderson.
            Apollo 18 begins with introducing us to 3 astronauts, two of which are taking a lunar module to the moon for their mission.  They discover that the Russians have already been to the area where they are and the cosmonauts are dead.  What could have caused this?  Is there a conspiracy?  Or are they not alone?

Joan Rivers is looking damn fine.
            The effects are cool. I appreciate that they kept everything looking very dated.  The setting is eerie and tension building. The dialogue is believable, but the plot can border into predictable at times. You can certainly find the sci-fi flaws that are in most movies of this type. For example, sound in a vacuum and a rotting corpse in a vacuum to name a few things. But bad science aside, it’s still a good thriller worthy of at least a rental.  

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