Sunday, September 18, 2011

Straw Dogs-review

Kate Bosworth playing chess? Is this a comedy?
Straw Dogs is a remake of a 1971 Sam Peckinpah movie of the same name.  It’s disturbing, has a lot of plot holes, and many unlikable unbelievable characters.  That is not to say that there are not some good points to this movie.  It really is a mixed bag.

Let’s start with the bad points. The plot is a bit hard to believe for a 2011 plot. I find it hard to believe that this couple would come here when every thing about this town seems uncomfortable for both of them. It is hard to accept a relationship between Kate Bosworth and James Marsden when they had more chemistry in “Superman Returns”.

I know we just gang raped you and all but it is polite to say "Hello".
Kate Bosworth’s character is pretty unlikable from the get go.  She has a huge lack of communication with her husband that would really help things a lot in this horrid situation.  It really comes off as stupid of her to be pissed off one minute that the rednecks fixing her house are ogling her while running then to do a little strip tease for them by an open window to fuel to the fire.  Meanwhile there are other characters that are pretty crappy as well.  James Woods plays the drunken ex-football coach.  However, everything about his character is cranked up to 11.  He is way over the top and I am pretty sure even by drunk redneck standards he would be considered a jerk. 

You were in "Zoolander" right?
What bar in 2011 is “cash only”?  Not only that they mock you as being a rich person for carrying a credit card.  What the hell? Is this the same planet?  I know many poor people with a credit card.  Plus if this movie wants to try to make me believe this guy is not able to get phone reception at his house a good idea would be to not have him using a laptop computer around his house to do his “research work” for his writing.   That means he has internet. 

Shitty plot aside there are some good points.  James Marsden is really good.  He plays a very likeable character and you want him live through this mess.  He sells it and shows vulnerability when needed.  It’s done well.  Alexander Skarsgård, did well as the villainous Charlie, and Dominic Purcell really did a fine job as Niles, a mentally retarded guy falsely accused of rape.

God Cyclops! The showers work here you know?
This movie might not be worth a theater visit.  It’s a decent revenge movie though.  It’s super violent and there is a scene of rape and a cat killing so it’s disturbing for sure.  I might suggest that if you have a passing interest it’s worth a rental.  It’s nothing new, revenge movies have been done and done better, but it’s okay at least. 

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