Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love Object-review

I'm gonna grab a glass a water.  You want some Duracells or something?
            This movie reminded me a lot of “Autopsy: A love story”.  That being said it is really not a great movie.  For a movie in the horror section the build up is slow and it’s obvious right off the bat the main character, Kenneth, is unstable.  Kenneth is played by Desmond Harrington, which many will recognize as Detective Quinn from “Dexter”.

            He does a fine job playing the awkward copywriter at a technical writing firm.  He is shy so one day he orders a $10,000 sex doll.  He becomes obsessed with this doll named Nikki that he believes her to be a real person.  He eventually sparks a romance with the girl that he based Nikki’s looks on and begins to believe that Nikki is getting violently jealous.

Heidi Montag finds love.
            I won’t go much further to save the rather decent twist ending.  It’s not that great a movie.  Rip Torn, and Udo Kier are the only other big names I recognized in this movie.  There are oodles of plot holes and tons of avenues the director went down just for the sake of being an “artist”.  That can be either a good thing or a bad thing in a movie.  I will consider it filler where a man waltzes with a mannequin in a snow white room when moments before he is in sweaty coitus with the inanimate object. Yeah, that is really the pinnacle of human artistic cinematic achievement. 

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