Monday, July 18, 2011

[REC] 2-review

Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down upon his head.

          I am a huge fan of the Spanish horror movie “[REC]”. I think it’s acted well and for a POV film it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t make you nauseated to watch the camera as you are chased up the stairs by what are, in essence, rage zombies.  I thought the American remake “Quarantine” was unnecessary.  Now there is a sequel to “[REC]” and oddly enough “Quarantine” has come out with a direct-to-video sequel that has nothing to do with it.  
            The sequel starts off right where the last movie ended with Angela being dragged into the darkness.  A SWAT team is allowed into the quarantined building.  They also bring a priest this time since the virus seems to be a viral demonic possession which is sort of a neat concept.  They show some of the original building members as zombies as they attack them. That is also pretty cool.

Good luck Padre. I'm Jewish.
            The movie does a really decent job at explaining more of the disease in the building.  There is better lighting and more points of view from people who end up in the building with the SWAT team.  Where the movie loses me a bit is that certain parts of the building and the main evil creature cannot be seen in light, only through night vision in the dark.  That is really goofy. 

Yuck! Anyone have a wet nap?
            That aside, it is not a bad movie.  There are decent twists and scares here and there.  I read online there are supposed to be a couple more sequels in the works where the infection has spread away from the building.  That could be okay since they have worked to build up a pretty decent story.  This was a lot better than what “Quarantine 2” looked to be where it seemed to be the exact same movie as the first except in an airplane terminal. 

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