Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wanna ride in my van little boy?
     Oh my god. I do normally enjoy watching Nicholas Cage movies because he takes overacting to a unique extreme.  I thought it didn’t get much more over the top than “Bad Lieutenant” or “The Wicker Man” but then I saw “Deadfall”.  Good lord.  It’s in a class of its own.   In all fairness at least “Bad Lieutenant” had a decent director and it was put together in decent fashion.  “The Wicker Man” is seen more for comedic value now and at least has its own solid concept to stand on since it’s based off a classic horror movie.

     Deadfall was made in 1993 and directed by Christopher Coppola.  So that means that the director is Nicholas Cage’s brother.  Michael Biehn plays the main character; a big time con man that gets in good with his Uncle’s criminal family.  His Uncle, played by James Coburn has a lackey named Eddie, played by Nicholas Cage who is a loud and obnoxious jerk that loves to make a scene. 
Come on! I ooze class!

     The movie is not made well at all.  It gives a lot of narration, which makes the movie less about showing and more about telling. This seems really pointless in a movie.  It’s all a fairly predictable formula of betrayal that has been done before and done better in many other crime movies.  I get the feeling that it wanted to make itself feel like a noir style movie.  The main character is not really established enough to become someone you grow attached to.   I didn’t really care.  The ending was a bit of a F-U twist. 

Way to screw Corporal Hicks movie
      James Coburn is good in this movie.  I’ll give him that.  But otherwise you should not bother unless you want to watch Cage make a fool of himself.  Even the poster makes no sense.  Nicholas Cage is front and center looking as he does normally.  Not only is he not the main character, but he spends in the movie with a moustache and bad toupee.  Way to shaft Biehn there.    Come on he fought the Terminators and the Aliens.  Give him a little respect.

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