Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thor- review

Alright Stop!...HAMMER TIME!
Summer movies are kicking off with a big bang. I am at least glad to say “Thor” was actually really good.  The characters are well developed. The action is really done well and the dialogue is fun.  Plus, I can see how this will fit with the canon of the “Avengers” movie as well as tie into the “Iron Man 2” part that most of us caught staying after the credits.

The story is about a hot headed Norse God named Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.  Who the hell is that? Remember the latest “Star Trek” movie? He was Kirk’s ill fated father.  He is next in line for the throne of Asgard.  But because he is an impetuous youth who really knows only battle his father sees he has a lot to learn.  His brother Loki, played expertly by Tom Hiddleston, is at his side until their father gets them out of a jam with some frost giants. This causes Odin, played by Anthony Hopkin’s to banish Thor to the mortal world and strip him of his powers until he becomes worthy of them again. 

Can you hear the lambs screaming Thor?
This story is would only be so-so if not for the very King Lear relationship Odin has with Loki and the other relationships developed throughout the film.  It really fleshes him out as a villain and makes him understandable.

As for the other relationships, Thor is written really well as a fish-out-of-water character. His relationship with people, as well as relationships to his fellow gods as a man, compared to when he was a mighty god- is amusing throughout the movie.  The way all the relationships of the characters tie in together with the central plot you actually gain a really solid movie that is wildly entertaining.
No shit? You won an Oscar?

            The cast is great in their roles. Though, after seeing “Black Swan,” this performance seems a bit phoned in for Natalie Portman. I guess a girl has got to eat. Kenneth Branagh directs and does a really good job making this story of comic gods seem epic and fun.  If you haven’t seen a decent superhero movie for a while, give this one a try. It’s a really fun ride and a great way to kick off the summer blockbuster season.

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