Sunday, May 15, 2011


            Good god this is a terrible movie.  It’s not as bad as “Legion”.  But it’s still a very stupid movie.  It rips off a ton of movies; mostly, “Blade Runner” and “Star Wars”.  The main characters are terrible in it. However, the side characters, which happen to be decent in other things, Christopher Plummer, Karl Urban, and Brad Dourif should have read this script and knew it was not going to be worth a damn.

I guess when they look like this Team Jacob is the winning team.
            The vampires are a total joke.  They are not human looking at all.  They act like alien monkeys with a hive mentality. They have no eyes and they really poorly computer animated.  Plus, for whatever reason they decided to make them cocoon themselves in the daytime.  It makes them more and more like larger versions of the hell spawn of Dracula in “Van Helsing”.

Made you look!
            I am also amused to no end to see Stephen Moyer as a human that gets killed by vampires in this movie. The irony doesn’t escape me since he spends so much time as the vampire Bill Compton in “True Blood”.  The physics in this movie are insane.  People can leap dozens of feet in the air as if this were “The Matrix”.  They also introduce a lot of items into the story that don’t get any real resolution. 

            On another note I’d like to say whoever taught the film crew that it is a good idea to have the cast shine their flashlights directly into the camera during scenes is an idiot.  Anyone who feels the need to actually blind their audience like that is probably stupid enough to intentionally film with the lens cap on.  Either way, we can’t see shit.

Stop flashing the light on the camera, dingus.
Bottom line is that this movie is a cash-in for a Korean comic book.  It shows very little originality. The dialogue is below par and the characters are forgettable at best.   It’s a pathetic movie that is on par with watching a comedian bomb on stage.  It’s awkward and you want to look away but you paid the money and by god you’ll sit through it even at the expense of your dignity.

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