Friday, April 1, 2011


That smile says it all.  "No refunds!"
             Everything you thought you knew about film is wrong.  This movie is absolutely the best of everything.  Not only is Shaq truly an actor and musician ahead of his time but no film captures both of these qualities better than the movie about a “rapping genie with attitude.”  What better movie to follow Paul Michael Glaser work after such opus as “The Running Man” and “The Cutting Edge”?

            The film starts out with the genie moving into a boom box and after a wrecking ball destroys his current home.  Meanwhile we are introduced to what I would normally call a hellish, unlikable child named Max.  But now that I see the genius of this movie I see that the writers must CLEARLY be channeling the Maurice Sendak’s character from Where the Wild Things Are thus making this movie rather clever instead of excruciating.
This movie rivals "Aladin" for best over-the-top genie movie EVER!
             When a group of bullies chase him into an abandoned building, Max befriends the genie Kazaam.  Here the movie takes time to examine Max’s personal life, rather than continue the plot.  Normally this would seem tedious in a kids' movie, but looking back one can’t help but shake his head and laugh at the hijinks.  We get to watch as Kazaam rises to become the magical hero we knew he would become when we saw him on the basketball court.

The laughs are non-stop and the tender moments will pull at your heart strings.  “Kazaam” truly is a movie classic that will be remembered for years to come.  If I had a choice to interview Elizabeth Taylor or Paul Newman I would tell them to sit and spin, because I wanted to interview Shaquille O’Neal.  Would I recommend this movie? Oh hell yeah! Get it today!

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