Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucker Punch-review

It's easy to act badass with a Big Daddy on your side.
            I went into this movie with high expectations.  That was a mistake.  Like “Tron: Legacy” I thought it was going to blow me away but I was left really let down. Why?  The movie suffers for its predictability, clichéd dialogue and a plot with more holes than Sonny Corelone.

You think the audience wants to see me pout more?
            In this movie’s defense it is really well shot and the visuals are amazing.  The effects themselves are stunning.  The costumes are wild and original and I am sure that this year and for the next coming year you will be seeing girls dressed as these characters in coming Halloween parties. 

            But is geek porn really enough?  Can girls in school girl outfits running in fantasy locations fighting with guns and swords really make a movie?  We’ve seen video games do it. Why the hell could they not make a movie that made an ounce of sense?  I know the story blurs the lines between what is real and what is imaginary but there but after a while that line becomes an intangible mess that I was no longer able to figure out what I was watching and I became lost in the spectacle.  That isn’t a good thing.

Insert "Kill Bill" quote here.
            Sometimes that works.  If it wanted to be like an “Alice in Wonderland” it should have created a more linear plot with things that made things clear.  As an audience member I should not be going, “What the hell just happened?”  It’s as if the action sequences were placed in the movie as a distraction to fool an audience with watching more and more dazzling scenes to make them forget that they are watching Swiss cheese writing at its finest.

Bayonetta FTW!
            As a whole I’d give “Sucker Punch” a miss.   It might be worth a rental or if you are really into that genre and have a game system just get a copy of “Bayonetta” and that will solve that problem and give you a story that least you can least not roll your eyes too much at despite the obvious geek porn aspects.  If there is one thing I am learning writing these reviews is that having high expectations of ANY movie is generally a bad idea.  I prefer to be surprised with a good movie so much more. 

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