Monday, April 25, 2011

Teeth- review

Let's just say Dawn has a problem.
            This movie is very smart, very dark, and very funny sometimes.  Like “Fido” or “Splinter” it’s one of the obscure titles I love to talk about but not many folks have seen.  When you hear what it’s about you can see why.  It’s about a sweet innocent girl who has teeth in her vagina.  Have I lost you already?

            If I haven’t then hold on because I will tell how this movie works in a lot of great ways in displaying feminist power in a bizarre fashion.  Sweet little Dawn grew up next door to a Nuclear Power plant and thus developed this rare mutation. Meanwhile she grows into a girl of very strong moral Christian values.  She meets a boy she thinks is the one for her but her dream becomes a nightmare when he rapes her.

Nothing says love like feeding your gal a dog treat.
            During this awful scene her lower teeth decide to rid him of his intruding phallus.  She then attempts to find out if it’s a curse.  Can it be stopped by the right man?  Or can it be used for good so to speak. Many interesting questions regarding femininity are tossed in the air as well as moral conundrums regarding religion with regard to her oddity. 

That's right! You will see dick in this movie.
            What is unique is that in a world of Hollywood film brimming with nude women this one has a few dick shots, whether they are real or not is neither here or there but you see dick.  You never ever see her toothed vagina which is actually kind of clever because it leaves it up to the audience’s imagination.  I mean it could look like the Sarlacc pit from “Return of the Jedi”, a moray eel, or Gary Busey’s face for all we know.           

            What’s important is the character of Dawn becomes emboldened through this movie.  While it makes the audience laugh through the crazy, bloody mutilation that ensues.  It’s certainly worth the trip.  If you have the chance and you have an interest in dark humor you will LOVE this movie.  Check it out.  

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