Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil-review

For everyone who has seen the stereotypical horror movie, this is for you.  “Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil” takes the completely overdone story of college kids coming out to an isolated cabin in the woods to party and are killed and throws it out the window.  Much like“Cabin in the Woods” the movie is self-aware to a degree.  It knows that idea was done to death.

A group of college kids go out to the woods to party at a cabin.  They stop for gas and are met by the rustic looking Tucker, played by Alan Tudyk, and Dale, played by Tyler Labine, who upon first glance scare them.  We find out that Tucker and Dale are actually buying a vacation home to fix up in the woods nearby.  They go fishing in the same lake as the college kids who are swimming nearby and one of them is startled by Tucker and Dale and falls into the lake hitting her head on the rocks. They go to get her help and the college kids mistake them for kidnapping her and think they are homicidal maniacs.  The rest is a comedy of errors. 

The acting is great. Tucker and Dale are both loveable goofballs and the movie is really fun to watch.  The college kids are great at playing stupid stereotypes and everything that happens to them is a mix of dumb luck and their own fault. The gore is very over the top and it still doesn’t take away from the laughs.  In this movie it flips the usual heroes around so now the rednecks are the ones you root for and the college kids are the troublemakers.

There is a lot going for “Tucker and Dale Vs.Evil.” There are some plot holes that are strange but not too distracting from the fact you are watching something good.  If you get a chance to see this one I recommend it.  It’s a lot of fun and not so much scary as it is funny.  It at least had some new ideas to a tired concept.   

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