Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evil Ed-review

“Evil Ed” is a 1997 Swedish horror comedy.  The tone is very similar to “Evil Dead” or “Dead Alive,” so if you’ve seen those you’ll at least know what to expect.  While some of the American dubbing seems a bit off at times it has an odd charm that a fan of cheesy cinema will easily dismiss.  There is a lot of fun satire and subtle references to other movies that make “Evil Ed” a pretty clever cult film. 

Ed is a cutter in the editing room of a studio.  He gets moved to horror movies much to his chagrin and he has to work with a very sleazy producer to edit the  “Loose Limbs” films.  The editing of horror movies slowly takes its toll on Ed as he begins hallucinating and having violent fantasies.  Will the movies inevitably turn Ed into a homicidal killer? 

The plot is ridiculous and fun and takes a good look into the satirical world of film editing, pre-computer.  The hallucinations are funny and range from a bizarre gremlin in the fridge to racing Satan to hell.  The acting during this is pretty comical and the American dubbing seems to be along the same vein. You can tell they had a lot of fun with the making of this movie.

As a whole “Evil Ed” is an enjoyable movie.  It’s gory, it’s vulgar at times, but it also has moments of hilarity and great satirical wit.  If you can look past the comedic dubbing you might enjoy “Evil Ed” a lot more.  It’s a strange little movie that is certain to rise in popularity with all its campy cult charm.  Give it a watch if you are in the mood for something unique and fun.

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