Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I had heard interesting things about this 2008 horror movie being interesting and clever. It’s on YouTube for free now so I gave it a try and truth be told I hated “Deadgirl”.  From every simpering whine of the adult characters playing high school students, to every pandering scene stolen from an exploitation movie just to shock you.  This movie was utter trash and I hated every minute of it.  It has no laughs; there are several plot holes that could house the Grand Canyon and no redemption.

Two jerks, Rickie, and J. T., are at a high school and decide to cut class. They go off to the abandoned nut house to drink beers and cause a ruckus.  While there they come across a nude girl strapped to a table.  J.T. immediately wants to do nothing but rape her. Rickie is at first disgusted by this and rather than stop his friend he leaves him to do as he will.   The next day J.T. tells Rickie that the girl is undead because during his time with her he tried to kill her three times and she kept coming back.  Again, instead of being disgusted by his psychotic friend he wants to avoid the whole thing.  Then J.T. invites another friend to the Deadgirl raping.  Rickie is only slightly perturbed until it seems that they might want to use the girl of his dream as a replacement girl once this current Deadgirl starts falling apart.  Will Rickie ever do anything to stop J.T?

All the characters are horrible people.  Rickie shows no moral backbone so he is not a good protagonist.  J.T. goes from zero to rapist in 30 seconds and brings friends along for the ride.  There is a bully character that is so two-dimensional it’s cartoonish. The girl that Rickie desires is dating the jock bully even though he is clearly a crazy jerk; going so far as to KIDNAP two people who yell at him.  This movies’ characters move beyond simple “stupid horror character” movie logic and border on brain dead. Whoever wrote this has no idea how people speak, interact, or comprehend their surroundings. 

The scenes of rape are there just to be shocking and add nothing to this narrative, making it pure exploitation.  Sometimes I don’t mind exploitation movies when there are characters that make the action worthwhile or there is a payoff to make it all come together.  This had nothing like that the ending was not enough of a payoff to make any of it worth a damn.  It also never answered what became of the bully character that gets bitten and turns zombie, or the Deadgirl once she escaped.  Believe it or not this movie is called “Deadgirl.” She is barely even in this movie.  You just hear two supposed teenagers yell at each other.  One, about how he wants his old girlfriend and the other, how he wants to keep raping this corpse. 

In the end I had to ask: “What was the point?”  It’s not funny or shocking unless you are some sort of shut-in. Really, it’s just a waste of time that is in bad taste. If you want a zombie movie that is funny watch “Fido” or “Shaun of the Dead”.  If you want zombie movies that are shocking watch “[Rec]” or “28 Day’s Later.” If you want something that is sort of a strange mix of the two “Slither” might be more your bag.  So save your time and give this one a miss.

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