Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Silent Hill: Downpour-review

Before I played “Silent Hill: Downpour” I had only played the first of the Silent Hill games.  I enjoyed it a lot. The mood is haunting and the town shows your character a world that is so wracked by horrors that it consumes them in their own fears and despairs.  Downpour is the Eighth game in the series and at least made it an interesting story to add to the Silent Hill Saga.  

In this game you play as Murphy Pendleton, a convict who was arrested for stealing a police cruiser.  He and some other inmates are being transferred in a bus when the rain caused the bus to slide off the road.  From there, Murphy makes his way into Silent Hill.  The town is still very much deserted and haunted and Murphy must find any way he can out of town.

The game play is really good. There was not a lot of combat in the game which made the horror mood fairly high.  There are lots of times where it behooves you to just take flight form the rabble of monsters around you.  The puzzles are okay for the most part though some of them felt like big time fillers.  There are lots of areas to explore and lots of side quests to do.  I didn’t see a lot of motivation to do the side quests however, when the game can be beaten just as easily going straight through it for the most part.  

All in all it’s a fun game. This game is definitely a fine title to add to the survival horror genre. If you are a fan of the genre you’ll certainly like it.  Like the other Silent Hill games there are multiple endings based on the choices you made in the game.  It’s a chilling game that has a lot of great atmosphere and would be fun played in the dark.   Just try not to scream at the constant jump scares. 

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