Sunday, March 4, 2012


“Gone” reminds me slightly of someone telling a version of the aristocrats joke.  The good part comes from the set up and the pay off is the weakness.  Amanda Seyfried does a good job and works well with what she was given.  On the other hand, the script is full of holes.  The red herrings are all over and the ending would have been so much better if it went in a different direction.

Jill Parrish, played by Amanda Seyfried, is a young woman in Portland Oregon who was kidnapped by a serial killer the year before.  The local cops couldn’t find a trace of the crime so they don’t believe she was ever kidnapped.  All ready this screams of B.S. to me. Thanks to the local Barney Fifes for not finding the remains of the other girls which the killer keeps out in the open, in the woods. I am pretty sure in multiple missing person cases like this, the F.B.I gets involved. 

Presently, a year after since Jill escaped from a hole in the woods, the villain has kidnapped her sister.  Jill now has to piece together what an inept police dept couldn’t in a year to find her sister. Meanwhile, she bumps into oddballs and strange characters who might be involved, but you just aren’t sure.  To top it off, this all might just be in her head.  Jill has had a history of mental illness.

The end is so-so at best.  It really should have gone in another direction, more towards the mental illness angle.  That would have been very clever and made the movie seem really innovative instead of sort of thrown together at the last minute for a conclusion.  Still, it’s an okay movie.  It's certainly worth a matinee viewing or a rental at the very least.  

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