Friday, October 14, 2011

My top 5 video games for Halloween

There are tons of video games that are in the horror genre.  During the Halloween season there are several games that are great for playing.  Here are a few that always stick with me.

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5. Monster Party- It’s sort of silly as a concept. It’s about a boy that meets a monster from a planet of monsters that uses his help to fight off the evil monster threats.  The kid uses his baseball bat to fight off all sorts of monsters and beasties that he comes across.  When he needs a boost he takes a pill and turns into a flying monster for a brief period of time.  The monsters are goofy looking and it’s a childish sort of game but it has a real Halloween feel to it.
This is an "Aww shit!" moment.
4. Resident Evil 4-The game that perfected the Resident Evil series.  Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 is now protecting the President’s daughter when she is kidnapped by a terrorist organization. This group uses a strange virus to control people like zombies with almost Alien looking creatures.  It was a cool looking concept to move the series and the dark moody European setting made it all the more creepy.

If you have to ask Dracula, you have issues.
3. Castlevania Symphony of Night-This is arguably, the best of the Castlevania games.  This is about Dracula’s son Alucard out to kill his father. The setting is incredibly expansive as you explore the massive labyrinth of Dracula’s castle and the creatures come from a unique mix of golden age film horror and mythological creatures.    It makes for a fun and long game that is reminiscent of the Hammer Horror movies. 

No way you live way.
2. Silent Hill-Everything about this title makes this game work.  The music is eerie the characters draw you in and the story makes you want to know want to know what madness has taken this town. You play as Harry Mason, a man who is missing his daughter in the haunted town of Silent Hill.  The town has a horrible and dark past that creeps into wherever you travel.  Often you will walk around the snowy town only to have the hellish nightmare world swallow you in darkness so that the only comfort you have is your flashlight.

When it comes to necromorph babies, Isaac is Pro-death.
1. Dead Space 2- Isaac Clark is back but this time he doesn’t know if he is insane or not. This game actually perfected the controls of the last one.  It also had better graphic and a lot scarier creatures.  An alien artifact is causing people to become horrific creatures called necromorphs.  They can only be killed by removing their limbs. Not only are you now fighting with the necromorphs as you were in the first game but your own sanity as well.  It is very bloody and full of jump scares that make it work.  It also helps when you have space walks that occur and you have terrifying moments in the silence of the vacuum of space.

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