Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ah man. There are no answers in this book anywhere.
This is an odd find.  While researching it, I found that it is a Spanish movie though the language is in English so it threw me off completely.  It has only one recognizable actor and that is the main character, Emma played by Sophie Vavasseur who most folks would be more familiar with when she was younger as Angela Ashford in the “Resident Evil Apocalypse” movie.

These eyes have seen a lot of love...
A home schooled teenager has behavioral issues.  When she displays signs of demonic possession they bring her priest uncle to her.  He determines that an exorcism is in order and they get to the whole procedure.  Honestly, if you have seen an exorcism movie you have seen this situation right?  For some reason it always a young girl who is possessed and acting like this and never a young boy. Demons are weird that way.

Please call the Orkin man.
For half the movie it is a by the book exorcism movie that audiences have seen countless times.  There is a twist that makes it different though.  I won’t give it away but I will say that I appreciated the shred of originality it was willing to spare.  It made the rest of the movie actually likable.  I just sort of wish it made getting to that point more of a good experience.

You betrayed Shiva!
The acting is so-so.  Still, at least the plot moves and there is always something happening.  I can honestly say that I have seen a lot worse in an exorcism movie.  It takes chances now and again but it could have upped the ante a bit more.  I think it might be worth a rental if you are in the mood for something off the wall and new.  It certainly is one of the better finds off Netflix these days.

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