Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dream House-review

Come and play with us Danny.  Forever and ever.
Where do I begin with this one?  I though for sure this movie was going to be the big start of the October season of scary movies.  The ball is dropped in a lot of big ways.  For one thing one of the two big reveals is spoiled in the trailer.  Whoever decided to make this decision should have been fired.
The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire.
Publisher Will Atenton, played by Daniel Craig, moves from New York City to New England with his wife Libby, Rachel Weisz and their two young daughters, Trish and Dee. Will and Libby find evidence that something has happened to the house's previous owners. They eventually discover that, years prior, a woman named Elizabeth and her daughters Beatrice and Katherine were murdered, the father, Peter Ward, was the main suspect, but was let off because of lack of evidence. Will starts believing that Peter Ward has returned and is stalking his family.

Ahh! Lea Michele is singing!
Will's research leads him to the psychiatric hospital where Peter Ward was committed after being arrested for murdering his family. There, Will finds out that he is Peter Ward, and that he created a new identity in order to deal with the grief of his family's death. He returns to his house, which is actually abandoned and decrepit, and continues to converse with the projections of his wife and daughters who believe he is not guilty of murdering them.

Everything mentioned above was talked about in the trailer.  That is really bad.  The rest of the movie moves at a snail pace until the conclusion which is really not all it is cracked up to be.  It tried to hard to be clever with a twist that is really a bit of a stretch and a tad obvious as well.  

Honey. Get that out of your mouth.
It is not awful.  It’s worth a rental if you have even a glimmer of an interest. The acting is good. Though I really was a little irritated that considering the cast is filled with folks who have various accents the only one who seemed to not give a shit and not hide his was the main character, Daniel Craig.  Way to phone it in guy. 

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