Friday, June 24, 2011

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes- review with spoilers

"Real" is such a relative term.
Oh man. Is there any production company like “The Asylum”?  When you watch one of those movies you know exactly what you are getting.  I sure should have.  See, I didn’t realize that this movie was in fact a turkey from “The Asylum”.  But I guess we get surprised sometimes. To find out more about this phenomenon see my review on “Titanic 2”.   In this case I guess they wanted to kill two birds with one stone and cheaply rip off two movies by making it a mockbuster of “The Exorcist” and “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” 

Even “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” has a slight element of truth to it.   In 1976 a Bavarian girl named Anneliese Michel had deep psychological issues.  She and her family were convinced that she was possessed by a number of demonic forces so they worked to exorcise them from her.  When she died during this process the autopsy revealed she had died of starvation and dehydration.  She weighed 68 pounds at her time of death.   Her parents went to prison for negligent homicide.  I am honestly not a fan of the Emily Rose version because the truth was so much more horrifying and it is more disturbing to me that they glossed it up so much.

This is the real Anneliese. These movies sully her memory.
In that respect the Asylum made a better movie.  They at least kept it A) in Germany B) with an ending where Anneliese dies of starvation and C) the parents get put in prison for the crime.  However, the movie still makes it seem like she indeed has supernatural powers and that it was a mistake to do so.  For a “found footage” movie from the 70s the film quality and edits sure would suggest that it is indeed much later and that there were computer edits.  Silly, how it takes time in the beginning to rip-off “The Exorcist” by having her pee on the carpet.  I also didn’t realize that digital security style footage existed in the seventies.  If they wanted to make this a spoof of “Paranormal Activity 2” they should have made it sequel that wretched “Paranormal Entity” rip-off. 

Father Magneto comes to the rescue.
Where “The Exorcist” doesn’t fail is it took a bit of time to build up the relationship between Regan and her Mother before she is possessed.  Then the theme of Father Karras and his dwindling faith is front and center most of the film.  It’s a really great movie.  This one touches on nothing.  There is some debate between the doctor characters and priest characters.  Anneliese is said to be possessed by three demonic entities: Emperor Nero, Adolph Hitler and Satan himself.  Okay I know the first two did some bad things but I wasn’t aware they were demons.  Thanks movie.  At least they tried to a do a scene like the spider walk from “The Exorcist”.  Only it’s really not scary or choreographed well.

The movie spends about 25% of the time either focused on the pages in a book with handwriting that is barely readable or it goes to a Bavarian crest on a black screen with German audio.   That’s entertainment! Anneliese kills the doctor who wants to stop the exorcism.  Why would she do that?  She also kills a few other folks just because she can and takes her top off because this is an Asylum movie.  That means class.    

Captain Howdy! That isn't very nice.
Bottom line is this is not the worse “The Asylum” has put out.  It is sad that the movie that gets even closer to the truth then the mainstream version still perverts the real story.  I am sure there will be all sorts of new fodder from “Asylum” in the coming year.  Wherever there is a blockbuster they will be there to make a buck. 

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