Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Twilight fails as a Romance movie.

Let it be known I have never read any of these books. There may have all sorts of subtle things that the movies have completely decided to do away with for the sake of time or whatever else the producers chose to ax.  That always happens in book to film translation.  However it amazes me how adamantly some people will fight me on how good these stories are and how amazing the romance between Bella and Edward is because they are destined to be together.
But I do I really have to ask you people. Does romance work that way?
Is that the allure? That this girl has her Mr. Right ready to protect her come hell or high water? I have heard some interesting questions that all Twilight fans should ask themselves when watching these movies and before they tell themselves about how awesome the characters are.
1) Other than the desire to be together do Bella and Edward have any interests in common?  So far as the movies have shown the answer to that is a glaring no.
2) Taking it a step further do they have any interests at all other than one another? For god sake Bella isn’t really that into music even.  All you know of her is she used to do ballet.  As for Edward he likes to play baseball with his family. That is it. That is the depth you get.
3) How long does Bella know she loves Edward yet strings Jacob along?
4) Why would someone who “loves Edward” say she loves Jacob unless it’s just to keep him around to cater to her ego?
5) When Jacob snaps and goes into his whole “If you can’t have her no one will” mentality does anyone else see him as a stalker type?
Healthy relationships do not work this way.  If someone tells me they enjoy these books because they like trashy romance that in no way works in the frame of reality then I tip my hat to your honesty.  Otherwise who are you kidding?

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