Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dead Space 3- video game review

Dead Space 3 is the follow up to the hit game Dead Space 2.  This time they chose to abandon the multiplayer game and create a co-op mode to accompany its single player game. Dead Space 3 still has a creepy concept and remains one of the better games in the survival/horror genre.  The fear aspect is still there and in game play it is sometimes a better option to run from danger when it arises. 

The story follows Isaac Clark after surviving the Sprawl incident of the second game.  If you are new to the series, the game is kind enough to create a nice synopsis of the events leading up to now.  He is a hollow shell of a man and he finds himself the target of a plot by the Unitologist Church.  He now has to escape the planet and find the home world for giant markers, which cause alien infections.

The game play is similar in all of the games’ previous incarnations, which is nice. The game has amazing graphics and uses sound and lighting to great advantages.  There are so many scenes that you will play through that seem reminiscent of an Alien movie.  It’s really well done and will have you hoping that a creature will not leap up behind you at every turn.  The story weaves a great tale of loss and betrayal as well.

There are some frustrating creatures that show up.  At times you might find yourself piling on F-bombs as you curse your controller for not reacting fast enough.  Oddly enough, it seems like there are entire levels that were really tailored for co-op and single player game as just an after thought.  The problem is that co-op is not nearly as scary as doing it alone.  When I play a survival-horror I expect to feel the tension. The fact that they have it as co-op might be a fun new way to play, but it takes horror element out of it. 

Dead Space 3 is a great game.  The story fit well and it is full of novel concepts.  It’s certainly worth trying if you are into something scary or something sci-fi. I can see a little replay value in wanting to try to go through it again with a partner to see what it’s like.  I imagine it’d be just like playing Resident Evil 5 and 6 but in space.  You will care for the characters and you will enjoy the fear a good game can give you.

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