Sunday, February 24, 2013

Absentia- review

Absentia is a horror film from 2011 that is both creepy and subtle.  It has good acting and a very clever plot.  It also uses the age-old, brilliant production choice that less is more.  It has a strong Lovecraftian theme that seems to tell its tale in a symphony of terror.

After seven years, Tricia, played by Courtney Bell, is filling out the paperwork to have her husband declared dead.  Tricia’s sister Callie, played by Katie Parker, has arrived for support her.  They discover that a tunnel nearby might have something to do with a series of disappearances that occur throughout the neighborhood.  Might there be something much more terrifying coming from the tunnels?

The acting is fantastic.  Courtney Bell has a wonderful sensitive vulnerability. Katie Parker is dynamic and shows great emotion on screen. The rest of the cast is wonderful too. Another standout is Morgan Peter Brown who is haunting and scary in his performance as Tricia’s husband, Daniel. 

The subtly is a brilliant choice.  As the mystery unfolds the small town terror begins to become more expansive.  The fact that it unfolds like a lingering mystery makes it much more terrifying. This adds depth to the characters as they investigate fears that culminate from the dark corners of the earth.

If you are a fan of horror this is a must see. Absentia is a brilliant movie that masters simplicity.  Its great acting showcases its atmosphere rather than being cheapened by gory effects.  I recommend it for anyone who is looking for something original and different.    Hopefully we will see much more from these people in future productions. 

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